About us:
Since its foundation in 1992, B,S,S. has developed to one of the leading consulting agencies for questions concerning economy, environment and society. Our team consists of economists and political and natural scientists. In competent, multidisciplinary teams, we analyse complex problems for our clients. Since 2006, B,S,S. is part of the Basler & Hofmann Group.

B,S,S. is political independent, works scientifically based as well as solution and implementation oriented. As the satisfaction of our clients is our main goal, we focus on feasible outcomes closely related to practice. We set value on a concise and clear language and an attractive graphic design.

Scientific Advisory Board:
The company’s founders are associated with the firm as members of the scientific advisory board with which we discuss strategic questions. Sometimes, members of the advisory board also take part in our projects.

B,S,S. Volkswirtschaftliche Beratung, Aeschengraben 9, CH-4051 Basel, Tel: +41 61 262 05 55