Prof. em. Dr. rer. pol. René L. Frey was professor for economic policy at the University of Basel from 1970 to 2004 with special research interests in spatial economics, economic policy and public finances. He was dean of the University of Basel and president of the Federal Council for Spatial Policy. Furthermore, he was a scientific advisor to the Swiss federation (e.g. for the New Fiscal Equalization System) and several cantons. Today, René L Frey is head of Research CREMA - Research Center for Economics, Management and the Arts. René L Frey played an important part in the establishment of B,S,S. in the year 1992.


Dr. rer. pol. Andreas Spillmann is a co-founder of B,S,S. As a graduate of a renown acting school and an economist with  PhD, he combines skills from two different and complementary fields. After leaving B,S,S., Andreas Spillmann was cultural director of the city of Basel and commercial director of the Schauspielhaus Zurich. He is now director of the Swiss National Museums. His research interests are cultural economics, public finance and fiscal federalism.


Dr. rer. pol. Elke Staehelin-Witt is a co-founder of B,S,S. Her main interests are environmental economics, municipality consultation, public finances and evaluations of cash flows as well as the monetary valuation of environmental changes. Since 2006, she has specialized in systemic-solution-oriented consulting and coaching of organisations as well as conflict management.


Dr. rer. pol. Hansjoerg Bloechliger is a co-founder of B,S,S. After leaving B,S,S., he worked as principal administrator in the Public Governance Directorate of the OECD in Paris and as division manager and member of the management of BAK Basel Economics. Today, Hansjoerg Bloechliger is senior economist in the Economics Department of the OECD. His key interests are financial federalism and network industries.

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