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Here you can find some examples of our international projects.

For a complete list of references, please visit the website in German.

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  • Projekte: Umwelt

Commissioned by the UNIDO and SECO and in cooperation with local partners, BSS created a clean development mechanism (CDM) baseline and monitoring methodology for the manufacturing of benzoic acid derivatives and spent acid recovery in India. The project aims at eliminating nitrous oxide emissions and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 20'000 tons per year. 

  • Client: United Nations Industrial Development Organisation and Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs
  • Methods: Development of a new CDM methodology   
  • Time period: January 2009 through April 2009
  • Services and products: Interim report and final project document on CDM methodology

Within the framework of the Indian Cleaner Technology Promotion Programme, BSS collaborated with Om Chemical Research to develop a new CDM method. The deployment of new technologies leads to a drastic reduction of local firms' greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, the monitoring methodology developed by BSS allows firms to acquire credit for their reduction in greenhouse gas emissions induced by the new technologies.


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